About All 4 Paws

All 4 Paws is an Essex based Training School operated by Fiona & Trevor Barrett, and our aim is to enable owners and dogs to live together in harmony! Our main goal, which we are passionate about and make no excuses for, is to prevent any dog or owner having to go through the stress and heartache of a re-homing, or worse, because they feel that they have no other option! It is a fact that the majority of pet dogs are re-homed simply because their owners feel they cannot cope with their dog’s “problem” behaviour, and don’t know where to turn for help.

Take a look at this poem, it says it all - Do I Go Home Today?

Laws and legislation are seemingly very heavily stacked against dogs and their owners these days, and we are here to help you prevent your dog being considered a “problem” to you, or the community at large. Train with us, and we can show you how you can have a dog that is a pleasure to own and one that you can take with you anywhere.

All 4 Paws can help you with all your dog training needs and we have fun training for all levels using tried and tested kind reward based methods. We can help you train your dog to be a well rounded, well behaved pet in all situations, or ready to go on to another discipline such as agility.

Lastly at All 4 Paws, whatever training you decide to do with us, we want you to have fun!! 

Training a dog can be hard work and can also take a long time, so it is important that we learn to enjoy the process and learn that it can be pleasurable for both dog and owner.

Please have a look over the rest of our site, and if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to Contact Us.