Tellington TTouch Zero to Her0

with Alex Wilson

2 Day Course - Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th November 2019

£165 per place - local indoor venue to be confirmed

Alex is a fully qualified Tellington TTouch Practitioner

The TTouch course is a two day deep dive into Tellington TTouch bringing in some of the ideas of the Naughty But Nice® Programme.

This is a combination of practical and theory sessions. Within the course we will cover the following:

Day One

• What is TTouch, a presentation on what the work is understanding body language and learning how to observe your dogs. We do a couple of short practical sessions within this presentation.

• Touch session, we will learn around 6-10 of the body touches, and how to use them. We practice on each other followed by a session with the dogs participating.

• Body wraps, what are they, how do they work. We have a go at wearing wraps to gain a better understanding of the value of wraps

• Introvert Extrovert. A presentation looking at Canine emotions and behaviour, some of the NBN strategies and how dogs make choices, we incorporate a discussion on arousal and threshold and helping dogs to make positive choices. We also look at some of the dangers of labeling dogs.

Day Two

• Loose Leash Walking seminar, looking at the Tellington TTouch methods of teaching dogs to loose lead walk, We learn a number of the methods, including, meet and melt, using the liberty leash, stroking the lead and an A to B. We also discuss the value of harnesses and good harness design.

• Relationship building with your dog. A presentation about enhancing your relationship with your dog, we also discuss some of the multi-person leading techniques, and techniques using ropes.

• TTouch Chinese Whispers!

• Freework. We look at TTouch freework and give some of the dogs the opportunity to try freework and the counting game, developed by Sarah Fisher and Chirag Patel. 

• Groundwork We have the opportunity to take dogs around a confidence course.

Numbers in all our groups will be limited so pre-booking is required,

Please Contact Us for further information or to book.